Inspired Space :: Vintage Vibe Christmas

November 30th, 2015

I hope you all had a nice long relaxing weekend. I know your thinking about the tree if you haven’t put one up yet. I have always been drawn to a less is more Christmas. Decorations that are or look handmade feel very cozy. I think the goal is to make it look how our Great Grandparents Christmas would have. Decorating with as little plastic as possible. The only exception to this rule would be of course a retro Christmas in your mid-century home. That is a different story. Get as plastic as you want and have fun with it. With a non modern home I recommend a less is more and natural approach. Think potted tree in a bucket or basket. Lots of garland draped on windows and gingerbread homes. This room says it all for me….

Xo, Annie


via willow decor

Four Days of Tablescape :: Day Four

November 26th, 2015

Don’t forget the kids table. I think this is the easiest of all. Simple put down  butcher paper + crayons and your done. Let the kids write what they feel thankful for, draw turkeys, feathers and abstract scribbles. My daughter was busy decorating our butcher paper tablecloth while I cleaned the house yesterday. We also finished the fun off by decorating Native construction paper headdresses. I will be posting this and other shots on the @decoratorinabox instagram page today.

I hope your day is filled with love, laughs and very full bellies. Be sure to crank up that new Adele album.

Xo, Annie


photo via Martha Stewart

Four Days of Tablescapes :: Day 3

November 25th, 2015

Alright, Thanksgiving is tomorrow…so I made this one easy for ya. I call it ” All You Need Is Eucalyptus”. Yup, that’s all.  All you need is eucalyptus + low white vase + candlesticks. You probably already have the candles and vase at home. If you find yourself with a little spare time I recommend creating a eucalyptus garland backdrop. See the full tutorial via Homey oh my!

Xo, Annie


Four Days of Tablescapes :: Day 2

November 24th, 2015


Alright, if the day one tablscape was a bit too simple for you here is another option. This idea gives you a d.i.y project, but an easy one. As long as you keep your fingers out of the line of hot glue…ouch. Visit your local craft store for a plane straw wreath + wood balls + hot glue + white candle. Then add eucalyptus or olive leaves for the finishing touch. Simply glue the wood balls to the wreath making a beautifully modern chic candle wreath. See the full tutorial via Bildschoenes blog. Happy hot gluing your way to a super chic table decor.

Xo, Annie


photo via Bildschoenes

Four Days of Tablescapes :: Day 1

November 23rd, 2015

Thanksgiving is just four days away. Just the cleaning and grocery shopping is a lot of work. Sometimes the tablescape becomes an after thought. That is why I’m going to bring you four days of tablescapes. These will be simple and lovely ideas that can be thrown together last minute. You may even have some of these items already around the house or backyard. The Day 1 table I call “less is more”. This idea is from Julie Blanner. The recipe is white candles + apples + eucalyptus seed = pretty and simple tablescape. Lay and cluster all of this in the middle of the table for an elegant look. See the full tutorial on Julie’s blog here.

Xo, Annie


photo and styling via Julie Blanner

Decorator in a Box 20% Off Sale Ending Soon!

November 20th, 2015


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Xo, Annie


Rustic Modern Tabletop Recipe

November 19th, 2015


Thanksgiving is upon us. Is your table ready? Here is a recipe for a simple and affordable table top. Some of these items are already on sale! With some greenery, votive’s, linens and the right plates your table can become rustic modern and chic.


Do you need help with your tablescape? It’s not too late to get my help. I will create a custom look that meets your budget and style for $75. Contact me to get started.

Xo, Annie


dinner plate//salad plate//napkins//seeded eucalyptus//birch votives//tablecloth//

Design Quick Tip :: Reclaimed Wood Stairs

November 17th, 2015


I have fully carpeted stairs in my house. I don’t mind this in the basement. I think carpet in a basement warms it up. I do not however like fully carpeted stairs on a main level leading to the upstairs. Especially, when they are the first thing you see when entering the house. I prefer a wood stair plain or with a beautiful carpet runner. I’m always drawn to things that are rustic and reclaimed. It gives a home that cozy lived in vibe. I love the idea of using reclaimed wood on stairs. I think if I rip up the carpet on my stairs there is a possibility of painting or staining the wood to look rustic. This image sure inspires me to take “steps” in beautifying our stairs. Would you do this to your stairs?

Do you need design help with an area of your house? I can help you with a custom Decorator in a Box. Let’s start to decorate!

Xo, Annie


image via focal point styling