Decorator in a Box :: Boys Room in San Fran

April 29th, 2016

I had so much fun creating this modern boys bedroom in San Francisco. He loves cars so the mission was to incorporate that into the modern inspired design. This room is definitely ready for lots of racing! My favorite thing in the room is the teepee with a twin mattress on the floor. That will make the transition to big boy bed a little more of an adventure. Here is a little sneak peek.

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Xo, Annie






Hamptons Beach House Deck Compete!

April 23rd, 2016

My e-decor clients waste no time. They get their Decorator in a Box shopping list and the next week they have a beautiful deck all ready for Summer. The e-decor process is that simple. Here is a peek at the design I recently mailed for this Hampton Beach House. They sent me photos of the deck already completed. Now all it needs is some grilling, sipping and sandy toes!

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Xo, Annie

Hamptons 1

Hamptons 2

Hamptons 3

Hamptons 4


Hamptons board 2

Hamptons Deck Plan


Decorator in a Box :: Brooklyn Master Bedroom

April 20th, 2016

This modern master bedroom e-decor  was mailed to Brooklyn, NY last week. My clients inspire me so much! Once I saw their Pinterest boards I couldn’t wait to get to work. The design inspiration was simple and modern with a dash of Scandinavian. It makes me want to redo my entire bedroom the same way. Here’s a sneak peek… of course the shopping list details and more are saved for the client.

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IMG_6732 (1)





Your IKEA Hack Never Looked So Good

April 18th, 2016

Are you an aspiring IKEA hacker? I admit I have yet to attempt one. My DIY Pinterest board is full of ideas more ambitious than I am. Now that I stumbled on these overlays designed specifically for IKEA transformations I’m feeling inspired to get handy. Just look how a simple overlay can take a RAST chest and turn it into something so chic. Visit My O’verlay website before your next trip to IKEA. Here’s are some of my favorite O’verlay ideas.

Happy DIYing!

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OB-snapshot 1




Ravishing Rooms Team + Me!

April 16th, 2016

I’m so happy to announce that I have joined the team of the talented ladies of Ravishing Rooms. Ravishing Rooms specializes in home staging and design. If you live in Minneapolis-St.Paul or surrounding suburbs we want to help you on your next staging or design project. Contact us to set up an in home consultation! We want to hear about your project. Here is a peek at some of their beautiful past work. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see the latest!

Xo, Annie









Decorator in a Box :: Hamptons Beach House

April 12th, 2016

I thought I would take a peek up from my desk to share a recent Hamptons Beach House project. I had so much fun creating an e-design for this return Decorator in a Box client. The mission was to create a beachy vibe for the whole family and visiting friends. I think this design achieves all of that and still meets their budget! Looks like they are in for a fun Summer. Pass the margarita’s!

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Xo, Annie






Cool Kiddo :: DIY Climbing Wall

April 9th, 2016

Is your kid a climber? Then this is the d.i.y for you. Why hang just art on the walls when a climbing wall is so much cooler? I love this idea to create a climbing wall using plywood. This would be perfect in a bedroom, playroom or a wall in the backyard. I can envision making a girl version for my daughter with pink and white mountains. Building this out of plywood and adding the rock wall parts is a lot more cost effective than purchasing a play-set. This d.i.y. is fun, affordable and will save your furniture.

Do you need a little help with your kiddo’s space? I can totally help you with that. Let’s start your custom Decorator in a Box today!

Xo, Annie


The Bookshelf Styling Dilemma Solved

April 6th, 2016

One of the question I get asked the most from clients is what to do with the bookshelf. No doubt bookshelf styling can be tricky. With my Decorator in a Box clients I often create an elevation drawing showing them where to place items. Other times I find some inspiration photos for them to mimic the as closely as possible. Being an e-decor service I don’t get to physically be in the home. I always find a way to be there with out actually be there. I did a few flips when I saw this rendering posted on Pure Wow. It gives the perfect example drawings of how to arrange your bookshelves. Take a look at them and make sure your bookshelves look like one of these. I think my favorites are the “Bookend Books” and  the “Maximalist”.

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Xo, Annie