Sneak Peek :: Brooklyn Big Girl Room

September 18th, 2014


Getting return clients is the best! I love hearing from families as they grow and their needs change. That was the case with this Brooklyn row house. I first designed a gender neutral nursery which feels like it was yesterday. Now this baby has grown and has a little sibling on the way. This means it’s big girl room time! That way the new baby can move into the original nursery I designed. The mission was to create a space that was not too girly and pink, but still whimsical. We knew we wanted gold polka dot walls…who wouldn’t…right?! She needed a bed to grow into, reading and play area. I think this big girl will have a lot of fun in her new room. Stay tuned next week to see the other new space designs for this home.

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Xo, Annie

Here is the big girl room sneak peek….

OB-hannah's room

OB-soifer bath 2

Design Quick Tip :: Five Ways To Re-think Your Room

September 17th, 2014


When it comes to design it’s easy to get stuck in a box. You may think I need upper cabinets in my kitchen or art on that wall. But….do you really? Maybe that’s not what the room needs at all. Here are five things to help you re-think your space and discovery what it actually needs.

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Xo, Annie

#1 Art or Mirrors? Sometimes an ornate mirror can have way more impact than art in a space. Especially, on long  window walls. Mirrors can bring height and light in a way no artwork can. photo via house & home



#2 Upper Cabinet or Not? Do you really need all that glassware and cookbooks in your upper cabinets? Maybe you can part with some of your kitchen items. Maybe they can go down below or in a pantry to be pulled out when needed. Hanging only a single shelf can de-clutter your life and have a major style impact in your kitchen. Just think of what you really use and need….less is often more.  via apartment therapy


#3 The bar cart needs to be in the dining area or does it? I love a bar cart, but the thought of my three year getting her fingers on martini glasses makes me cringe. I could however use it as a bedside table. I would place photo frames, books, candle and a lamp on it for a more kid friendly version. It’s nice to have it to set up for that New Years party down the road in the dinning or living area. via shop style


#4 I must have tile in my bathroom or do I? Wood not being durable is a myth. Some species and finishes of wood can hold up to water and moisture. Just be sure to get a few sample planks to test out before installing it all over. Talk to a wood flooring specialist about the best options. It’s such a good look..isn’t it?! photo via elements of style


#5 I need one large rug or do I? Actually…. layering several rugs is a great option. You can collect them over time on your travels or at your local flea markets. Just keep them in the same style…such as all Turkish kilimns. via ernest


DIY Tuesday :: Ever Changing Framed Art

September 16th, 2014


Every child should have a designated area to be creative. I’m always on the look out for creative alternatives to the basic art easel. This art station idea is cute and simple. All you need is a large frame from your local frame shop…the more ornate the better. You must paint it a fun pop of  color like red, green, blue or pink. Drill screws in the back of the frame, so it will be off the wall a bit making room for the roll of paper to easily slide behind. Hang your roll of paper and get to painting. Your kids will love that they have an artsy area that is all their own and you may enjoy it too. See more fun kids spaces at Place Office.

Xo, Annie





Inspired Space :: Emily’s Wow House

September 15th, 2014


I love peeking inside other peoples homes. Especially…when it’s the home of a designer I admire. Everything about Emily Henderson’s home is a home run to me. What else would you expect…right? It’s fun, cozy, vintage, chic and playful. I love her design sensibility. You would think a top designers home would be filled with extravagant things, but her home is very down to earth and real. It’s refreshing to see her select things that are more budget friendly….just like we all do. It’s all about that balance of high end pieces with more thrift yet still very stylish ones. Here is few of my favorite rooms. See the full home tour via Domino.

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Xo, Annie


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Five Things To Do This Weekend

September 12th, 2014


Have a great weekend all! Here are five things you could try..

Xo, Annie

#1 Treat yourself to some Anthro napkins to get your table Fall ready.


#2 Hop on the cursive wire trend with these options from the Etsy shop StarasWireCrafts. There are many style to pick from…plus they are thrifty in price compared to the ones I have spotted at Anthropologie.


#3 Add a Rattan screen behind your bed to give it an organic natural vibe. photo via domino.


#4 Shop for a a fun typography print on Etsy. I love this “oh.” print via mottosprint.


# 5 Glam up your closet or a wall in a room. photo via vintage and chic blog


Sneak Peek :: Design Tab Recipe

September 11th, 2014


I have so many fun designs in the works I just had to give you a quick peek. This morning I’m busy flipping tabs on my laptop. This has me thinking about the tab recipe for creating a good design. It all starts with the clients vision. They usually communicate this to me with their Pinterest boards….so I start with opening that tab. Then I open the tab to my vision board program to see how the selections I make are working together. Then I open a tab to Google Docs and begin creating a detailed shopping list for the client. Those tabs are the recipe that make for the perfect batch of designed rooms. A batch for the client to take with them and even try different ingredients to adjust the flavor.

Would you like to avoid too many open tabs in you brain? Let me handle that for you by creating a custom design that meets your style and budget. Let’s get started at Decorator in a Box!

Xo, Annie

unnamed (2)



Design Quick Tip :: Four Cool Rule Breakers

September 10th, 2014


There are some old school design rules that people are scared to break. But when you do it really can make the design! Here are four cool design rules you should break…


#1 Angle your tub to create interest and make it the star of the bathroom.  Straight and centered isn’t always best.Photo via glo


#2 Hang your bathroom mirrors on or in front of the windows. Not only does it look great it can open up your space plan options…like giving you that big shower you always wanted or a tub. photo via marcus designs


#3 Hang art on a bookshelf. Do I need to explain why? It just looks good..right?! It’s all about the layers. photo via ny times


#4 Put your bed in front of a window. It let’s the light shine in beautifully in the moring. This will also open up your furniture plan options. Such as freeing up space for a cozy chair in the corner. photo via mcgrath II

Happy Decorating!

Xo, Annie

DIY Tuesday :: Hanging Bottle Chandi

September 9th, 2014


I love a d.i.y idea that has simple supplies. This hanging bottle chandelier was created and shaped with different gauges of wire. You can find wire at your local craft store. Hang vintage bottles and fill with flowers. I would fill it with lavender, mint or eucalyptus to give the house a nice aroma. This would also work nicely outdoors and you could fill it with glowing tea lights.  There are many options for this project. See this idea and more in “Decorate with Flowers” by Holly Becker.

Do you need help pulling your home style together? I can help! Just contact Decorator in a Box to mail you a design that meets your style and budget.

Xo, Annie


photo via Decorate with Flowers