Three Planting Tips That Make an Entrance

Is your stoop looking a little bare? Are you stuck on what to do? Well fret no more. I think you just need a little inspiration. Here are five ways to take that front stoop from bland to bold. After all we don’t want your visitors to be bored while they wait for you to open the door. Here’s how to start your welcome vibe off on the right foot.

# 1 Create Layers. Instead of purchasing several small pots think big in one area. Pick a corner or side of the stoop and create a layered look with high, low and medium size pots. Add colorful plants and viola!



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#2 Frame the door. Some homes call for symmetry. Simply framing the door with two pots or baskets can be all your porch needs. via homedit




#3 Make the arrangement full. Sometimes more is really more. I love hiding plastic pots that are not so pretty by adding lots of drippy plants. This look also works nicely with an urn style pot.


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Happy Planting!

Xo, Annie

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