5 Days of Ornaments :: #3 Peppermint Melts

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m continuing my five days of ornaments this week. Those of you who missed last week I made white clay cut-outs and yarn candy canes. Today I bring you #3 peppermint melts. I must say these are a one season ornament. They are so cute, but boy are they sticky. They are fine once on the tree, but I would not try and handle them too much. They were fun and easy. Here is how we made them.


Step #1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step #2 Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Spray your Christmas cookie cutters and place them on the sheet/pan.

Step #3 – I let Nora my three year old help with this. Fill the cookie cutters with unwrapped peppermints. The less ornate the cutter the better. Our stars broke very easily… but bells, hearts and Christmas trees worked nicely. Another tip is to make them thicker with more peppermints so they are more durable.

Step #4 Place them in the oven for 4-5 minutes until melted. Pull them out and let them cool for 1 minute. Poke a hole in the top for string with a skewer or toothpick (spray with cooking spray). Then pull apart the cookie cutter to release the candy.

Step #5 Tie on the string and hang once fully cooled off.┬áTip..hang these up high out of little ones or pets reach. I found several that had been licked by my daughter that were hanging down low…gross.

Xo, Annie

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