5 Things To Do This Weekend

Happy weekend all!  Here are 5 things you could try….

Xo, Annie

#1 Create a vertical garden with succulents. I have been seeing these all over L.A. patios. It’s a great way to bring green art to your patio that feels like it’s lacking. There are ideas on how to achieve this all over Pinterest or purchase an already made version on Etsy. photo via The Urchin Collective.


#2 Create a fun cloud light for your little one. I know… it looks like a fire hazard right? The key to safety is to use a cool to the touch LED light…DO NOT use a regular light bulb. Get the tutorial via Parents


#3 Step away from the computer..or get this cool letter press print to remind yourself to do so. I know I need this reminder. print via Etsy shop LaFarme.


#4 Color code your books it makes a big difference. photo via Dust Jacket


#5 Create a little polka dot art for that empty wall and add drama with curtains. photo via Lonny


Bonus thing to do…contact me to create a custom Decorator in a Box just for you.

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