5 Things to Do This Weekend

This weekend is major! Mother’s are preparing to be pampered by their dearest. Teacher’s have been appreciated and have only a few short weeks before it’s officially Summer break. This weekend should be geared towards relaxation and time with  loved ones.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women that pray over, wipe tears, bandage scrapes, cook, clean, take care of  business, tell stories, sing, dance, style bed heads, remove grass stains, find shoes, chauffeur, tutor….and so much more. Enjoy your weekend!

X0 – Annie

#1 Spend time with your child, children or Mother. photo via bliss


#2 Take a load off with a refreshing batch of Summer Fruit Sangria. via Martha Stewart


#3 Sit down with your little darlings and make these lovely D.I.Y friendship bracelets. via Material Therapy


#4 Go for a swing on the porch or playground. via d pages

ec93227c6f9bbc4a743fa4a3fef130e0#5 Create or enjoy Mother’s Day Brunch. via design love fest




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