Album Inspiration :: Pistol Annie’s


When I was twelve me and a few of my neighborhood gal pals had a band. I won’t say the name because it’s just too embarrassing. We would perform concerts in the park near our homes. We mostly did lip singing to songs on our pink boom box. I’m a Miranda Lambert fan and was so thrilled to hear her band Pistol Annie’s. She get’s to live out that childhood dream of forming a band with her best girlfriends. Their songs are fun, down to earth and witty just like a good friend should be. I image their caravan home style to be Country Barbie. I guess I really can’ t let go of my childhood and playing doll house. Here are my Pistol Annie inspired mood boards. Xo ~ Annie

left to right : antlers, pink chandi, vintage pink radio, silver pillow, pink loveseat,chest of drawers, flower curtians , pink guitar, album basket.

left to right: cafe lights, cute caravan, vintage style patio chair, metal wire table

What band inspires you?

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