Architecture :: Cottage on Panther Pond


One look at this picture makes me want to jump right in! This kitchen is so inviting with the warm woods and the amazing skylights looking out to the lush, woodsy scene.  The kitchen isn’t all this Maine cottage has to offer. It’s no rustic cabin in the woods, but a classy getaway that was built with great consideration of it’s surroundings.  Growing up in a smaller cabin on the same lot and spending many summers there, the architect himself was well suited for the job of designing a new cottage for his family and in the smartest way. The sights, the land, and mainly the elements of the outdoors like water, wind and sunlight, all factor into the evolving design of this cottage.  You will want to check this article from Maine Home Design, to see more of the Maine Cottage on Panther pond and see the smart inner workings that went into the design of this cottage making it a perfect fit for it’s place on Panther Pond.

Do you have a cottage or cabin and what’s your favorite part about it?



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