Your IKEA Hack Never Looked So Good

Are you an aspiring IKEA hacker? I admit I have yet to attempt one. My DIY Pinterest board is full of ideas more ambitious than I am. Now that I stumbled on these overlays designed specifically for IKEA transformations I’m feeling inspired to get handy. Just look how a simple overlay can take a RAST chest and turn it into something so chic. Visit My O’verlay website before your next trip to IKEA. Here’s are some of my favorite O’verlay ideas.

Happy DIYing!

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Cool Kiddo :: DIY Climbing Wall

Is your kid a climber? Then this is the d.i.y for you. Why hang just art on the walls when a climbing wall is so much cooler? I love this idea to create a climbing wall using plywood. This would be perfect in a bedroom, playroom or a wall in the backyard. I can envision making a girl version for my daughter with pink and white mountains. Building this out of plywood and adding the rock wall parts is a lot more cost effective than purchasing a play-set. This d.i.y. is fun, affordable and will save your furniture.

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The Bookshelf Styling Dilemma Solved

One of the question I get asked the most from clients is what to do with the bookshelf. No doubt bookshelf styling can be tricky. With my Decorator in a Box clients I often create an elevation drawing showing them where to place items. Other times I find some inspiration photos for them to mimic the as closely as possible. Being an e-decor service I don’t get to physically be in the home. I always find a way to be there with out actually be there. I did a few flips when I saw this rendering posted on Pure Wow. It gives the perfect example drawings of how to arrange your bookshelves. Take a look at them and make sure your bookshelves look like one of these. I think my favorites are the “Bookend Books” and  the “Maximalist”.

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Get These Five Spring Home Trends


Is your home lacking Spring? Let’s change that. Here are five Spring trends you must incorporate into your home.

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#1 Decorate with blue. This is one of my favorites. Whether it’s with accent pillows, lamps or a simple tray of accessories this is look you must have. via domino


#2 Get Scandi with it. Scandinavian design has never been hotter. Here are the top designers you will want to replicate their style. via my domain

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#3 Large print ocean art. Hang a piece in your bedroom, dining or bath to have you riding the tide always. via lonny

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#4 Must add a fiddle leaf tree. Complete this look with a beautiful basket planter. via a beautiful mess


#5 Statement entry ways. Don’t have a blah entrance give it pizzazz. It’s all about the eye pop of art. via oh happy day 


:: Nursery in Bloom ::


I spotted this nursery on Pinterest while taking a little break from working on a design. I smiled from ear to ear and said out loud “no way”! That wall mural is seriously everything. Anyway I just had to share it with you. Now back to work!

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:: No Closet No Worries ::

Apartment living has it’s perks, but closet space is not one of them. The big priority of my New York clients is always looking for more storage space. Often times I need to create a closet where there isn’t one. This can be done with multi use furniture like storage beds, garment racks or  freestanding closet systems. I love seeing all the creative solutions people come up with. Especially when they have a wardrobe I envy. A great place to come up with ideas is searching Pinterest for inspiration. Once you have a concept you like visit The Container Store for a free closet design. Ikea also has great closet system ideas. The last part is up to you. Make sure the items you put out for all to see are your best. Color coordinate everything. Use pretty baskets for loose items. Display your favorite shoes like works of art. To get you started here is some inspiration for creating a closet that was never there.

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:: Plywood Never Looked So Good ::


Staying in a comfortable budget without sacrificing style on a remodel is a challenge. Cabinetry, countertops and floors are the big ticket items. That is unless you make them out of plywood! Thank goodness plywood is super stylin right now..if used properly. It has multiple benefits like being a recycled product, affordable and now good lookin. Just see what these people have done in their spaces with this thrifty and green wood. So…when you get that scary countertop, cabinetry or flooring quote do not fret there is an alternative. Take a look.

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:: Really Smart Built-in Doggie Beds ::

I love seeing dog owners incorporate paw beds into the design of their home. After all they are a part of the family and should have their own space carved out just like all the other members. What a smart idea to take a section of your Kitchen, Laundry or Mudroom cabinets and add a beautiful nook for Spot. What about the wasted space under the stairs? Here is a little inspiration to get you thinking of a space your best friend can call all their own.

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