Cool Kiddo :: DIY Climbing Wall

Is your kid a climber? Then this is the d.i.y for you. Why hang just art on the walls when a climbing wall is so much cooler? I love this idea to create a climbing wall using plywood. This would be perfect in a bedroom, playroom or a wall in the backyard. I can envision making a girl version for my daughter with pink and white mountains. Building this out of plywood and adding the rock wall parts is a lot more cost effective than purchasing a play-set. This d.i.y. is fun, affordable and will save your furniture.

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:: Black, White, Pink & Oh So Girly ::

I love when I stumble on an outside the box girls bedroom. A girls room doesn’t need to be a color bomb. It doesn’t need to be floral. It can be very simple, modern and chic. This room really nailed it with that black angled accent wall. The rug is key to this room and everything else is a supporting roll. Topping it off is the pefectly paird gallery wall. My daughter would be doing flips in here after she complained about the rug being too itchy.

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Teen Bedroom Splash in Florida

Sometimes people just need a little help pulling a room together. This was the case with this teen bedroom in Florida. They had all the furniture, but just needed the finishing touches. With a Decorator in a Box I selected pillows, art and accessories to complete the room.

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:: Nursery in Bloom ::


I spotted this nursery on Pinterest while taking a little break from working on a design. I smiled from ear to ear and said out loud “no way”! That wall mural is seriously everything. Anyway I just had to share it with you. Now back to work!

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:: Crib to Happy Little Camper ::


I was on Target’s website and spotted this great idea for a tee-pee bed. I wish I had thought of this when we were in the toddler crib to bed transitioning phase. It’s nice to avoid purchasing a toddler bed. After all they are in them for such a short time. I think this idea is so smart and gets you through that whole falling out of bed period. Plus maybe your kiddos will jump for joy when you tell them it’s bed time.  Who wouldn’t love their own little “Neverland Lost Boys” style pillow fort. Here’s the idea via Target. Take a tee-pee and put the crib mattress inside. Complete the look with woodsy bedding. I’m in love with that modern print tee-pee. Looks like Target is becoming Land of Nods thrifty sister.

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:: No Closet No Worries ::

Apartment living has it’s perks, but closet space is not one of them. The big priority of my New York clients is always looking for more storage space. Often times I need to create a closet where there isn’t one. This can be done with multi use furniture like storage beds, garment racks or  freestanding closet systems. I love seeing all the creative solutions people come up with. Especially when they have a wardrobe I envy. A great place to come up with ideas is searching Pinterest for inspiration. Once you have a concept you like visit The Container Store for a free closet design. Ikea also has great closet system ideas. The last part is up to you. Make sure the items you put out for all to see are your best. Color coordinate everything. Use pretty baskets for loose items. Display your favorite shoes like works of art. To get you started here is some inspiration for creating a closet that was never there.

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:: DIY Playhouses That Don’t Get Any Cuter ::


Spring is upon us. I can just feel it. This has me thinking a lot about outdoor play. We have a little patch of woods in our backyard. I always envision a little playhouse tucked in the trees. I have a handy family that could possibly make this happen. For now I’m gathering ideas so I can pitch the idea. Here is a round-up of playhouses that don’t get any cuter.

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modern playhouse side

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Playhouse-Outdoor-Accessories-5 (1)

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For The Walls :: Wallpaper Obsession

Here I am looking at kids wallpaper again on Etsy. My daughters room can’t handle it a wallpaper. We already have enough going on. I think our basement play area could handle some however. While searching I found a couple lines I’m in love with. They litterally transport you to a wonderland. Now that’s some powerful design….right? Take a look at my favorites. I must find a home for some of these…even if it’s not mine home.

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Little Hands applied wallpapers are magical to say the least. I feel like I’ve just floated on a hot air balloon to Neverland after a peek at their website.




On Etsy the shop SianZeng has beautifully quirky modern styles. Of dinos and woodland creatures. Oh and the best part they are magnetic. Your kids can have fun talking to the critters on the wall.