Color Blast :: Minty Fresh

When I was a young girl the walls of my bedroom were mint green. I still have the writing desk that was in this bedroom in the same mint shade…it makes me happy at every glance. I don’t recall a time that I have not been “cool” with mint. It’s a timeless color…so please don’t rip it out of your original 1950’s bath. I love mint and here are some ways to add a color pop or blast of it to your space.

What color were your bedroom walls as a youngster?

Xo – Annie

Wow is this gorgeous?!  Paint your bath cabinets mint green, add a black & white stripe rug or tile, chrome hardware and white countertop for a gush worthy bathroom. photo via


Simply paint your walls minty green for a fresh cool kitchen…black accents finish the look nicely.


Give a mostly white dinning space a kick by adding minty chairs. photo via


If you got it keep it! I love original tile in a home especially if it’s the original mint and black tile…your lucky savor that freshness. photo via brunchatsaks.blogspot.


Give a bathroom a fresh mint splash with drapery panels or a roman shade. photo via


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