Color :: Pastel Palette

It seems like the pastel color palette is a reoccurring color scheme that has popped up periodically throughout history and it’s interesting to notice it’s evolution to today. From the vintage 50’s retro washed out look, to the 80’s and a sort of granny style living room (I picture the set of Golden Girls). I’ve always steered away from pastels, because of the outdated image I have in my head. But these days designers are doing pastels really well in a modern way (pairing them with neons, and incorporating them into ultra modern furniture and accessories). I definitely have a new appreciation for this ever reoccurring color trend. What do you think of when you think of pastels?

Happy Decorating! -Lacey


photo source: kotivinkki


photo source: pure home


photo source: minted


photo source: Idyll Home


photo source: charlotte lovey


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