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Memorial Day is a time when we honor those who served and died for our country. I know it’s a time for my family when we reflect on all of those who have passed and we miss dearly. In my home I have little memories scattered into my decor. I have my Grandfather’s ash tray with a a deck of cards on it, as well as a book of his love letters to my Grandmother displayed on my writing desk. Guests who stay with us get to snuggle each night with a quilt handmade by my Grandma with love. The chest my TV sits on once stored my Grandmothers china. I know all of us have special tokens from passed loved ones. Whether it’s a bible, pair of gloves, eyeglasses or matchbook it should not hide away in a drawer. Work these special items into your decor, so they can be a constant smile or triggered memory. Here is some inspiration for creating memory decor in your home.

Do you have a special token in your home that brings you happy memories?

Xo – Annie

Display vintage letters, photos or keys on a tray in a Guest Room or Study. photo via Etcetera by Sibella Courtf949d7ee85cd6608822cd0e90c0f29e7


Create a memory shelf of photos, books and any small items that use to be in Nana’s home. photo via lonnymag


Display on your entry table Grandpa’s ash tray,  matchbook or lighter. photo via lonnymag


Frame the shrug Nanna wore to her engagement party. photo via lonnymag


….. and display her sewing buttons on your dresser. photo via Bowerbird by Sibella Court


….with her perfume. via lonnymag



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