D.I.Y :: Make Your Outdoors Glow

I just discovered glow in the dark outdoor paint. There are so many fun d.i.y applications I keep spotting. It’s as fun as chalkboard paint…maybe more fun. I would love to try one of these outdoor ideas, especially for a Summer evening party or BBQ. Here are a few of my favorite ideas that glow.

Light the way by painting your pathway pavers with glow in the dark paint. photo via pinterest


Enjoy your flowers at dusk by painting your pots with glow in the dark paint. photo via cup of jo


Make fire fly jars by flicking paint into a mason jar and allowing it to dry. photo via sixinthesuburbsblog


Paint the tops of logs with glow in the dark paint to make great seating around the fire pit. photo via pinterest


Have you ever painted with glow in the dark paint? How did it turn out?

Xo – Annie

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