D.I.Y Tuesday :: Blueprint Family Photos

Over eight years ago my husband and I had our wedding reception at an old movie theater in Minneapolis called The Varsity Theater. I had three large posters printed of us a FedEx on photo paper to fill the movie boxes as you entered the theater. Yes, we were the stars that night…teehee.  It was one of the last things on my wedding “to-do” list. I never thought to ask how much this would cost and when I went to pick them up and heard how much…gulp…sticker shock. Out came the plastic and I sucked it up holding back the tears of over my wedding budget stress. Ever since then I have been afraid of printing large poster size photos. I love the look, but hate the price. Well now there is an affordable way. I have been seeing people post their large printed photos on Pinterest. How are they doing it…they must be extremely wealthy!? The key word is “blueprint copy” or “draft print”. They are only .75 per sq. foot. Hooray! Now…they are not perfect quality, but that’s what is so cool . The streaks and fades are beautiful. If I could only narrow down what family photo to use.  See the full tutorial on one of my favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess.

Have you ever tried this? How did it turn out?

Xo, Annie


photo via a beautiful mess

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