D.I.Y Tuesday :: Framed Vintage Swimwear Wall

I am in love with the framed vintage swimwear idea. If you live coastal, on a lake or  have a pool this is an idea for you. Simply search Ebay or Etsy for vintage swimsuits from the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and frame them in shadow boxes.  Back the shadow boxes with white linen fabric. You can frame women’s, men’s and children’s bathing suits. Swim caps make for great framing as well. The real winners are the vintage wool swimsuits, but the price may get too high. The swimwear of the 60’s is more budget friendly with better patterns too. Have fun and send me a photo if you try it. I’m thinking of doing a small wall at my parent’s place at the beach….stay tuned.

Xo – Annie


photo via honestlywtf.com


photo via kdhamptons.com


photo via julie harris sports antiques

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