D.I.Y Tuesday :: Grandma and Grandpa Oversized

Some of you may remember THIS post I did recently. I am thrilled to tell you I gave the printing a try and it surpassed my expectations. I just can’t wait to print more. My aunt scanned and emailed me an old photo of my Grandparents with my Mom standing in their North Dakota farm field. It is one of my favorite family photos. There is nothing like seeing your Grandparents in their youth. This photos makes me feel like I could step into the picture and join them in the field. Especially… now that it’s so big! I stopped into FedEx where they had me email them the photo. I asked them to print it to size 24 x 36. Two minutes later I had this in front of me..

unnamed (6)

I almost teared up when I saw it. I could not believe that such a small and old photo could be printed with such clarity. The photo was ripped in the lower corner and a little in the top left corner. The rips added a very cool effect. Oh yea and the total cost was $4…..yup. What can I print next….right?!

unnamed (5)

I framed it with a ready made frame from Micheal’s. I think the cost of custom framing is getting insane, so I always try to print things to a standard size of a ready made frame. I hung it off of my dining room and love it! ┬áIf you try this please share your photos.

Xo, Annie

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