D.I.Y Tuesday :: Travel Boxes

I have boxes in my closet full of travel mementos from Greece, Italy, Paris and London. I have been telling myself I will make a cool scrapbook. I have to get over it I’m just not a scrapbook kind of girl. These trips were taken 3 going on 9 years ago…when you have moved several times, had a child and the scrapbook still isn’t done it’s time to give up this dream. Most of my  photos are admired in a frame or on an ipad. This is why I am extremely fond of this travel box idea via Martha Stewart Living. It’s perfect because… it’s decorative and involves little time and effort. It’s something you and the kids can do on a rainy afternoon. Simply get a wooden box at the craft store, letter stencils and some paints. Paint and create pretty boxes to display on shelves from your travels. You and your family will have fun opening the box and reminiscing about your favorite travel memories. I am so doing this…stay tuned for photos!

Xo, Annie



 Photo via Martha Stewart Living

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