D.I.Y Tuesday :: Custom Woven Rug

I have seen many D.I.Y rug ideas and most of them…well let’s just say look a little too d.i.y. Not this woven rug project one of my favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess posted. It is lovely, budget friendly and the best part CUSTOMIZABLE…yippie. It actually looks like a project I could tackle. That is if my 2 year old wasn’t around trying to help. Maybe I could get her busy making the pot hold version of this project. According to Rachel of ABM the project is creative therapy… soundsĀ  great to me. See the full tutorial via A Beautiful Mess…thanks Rachel!

What’s your creative therapy? Painting, sewing…let me know.

Xo, Annie 6a00d8358081ff69e2017c37fdd0c0970b-800wi


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