Decorator in a Box :: Brooklyn, NY Master Before & After

I’m so excited to share this Brooklyn, NY Master Bedroom design with you. I just loved the clients minimal and modern style. The Pinterest inspiration boards they showed me were very inspiring. What I love most about Decorator in a Box is that it’s design for real life and every budget. These photos don’t have the professional lighting and every accessory isn’t perfectly placed. It’s a real space being used. The client was able to take their custom designed box and execute the design. They did a great execution I must say! I’m always so delighted to see the design go from boards, shopping list and furniture plan to actual cozy and stylish space. Here is the before and after of this lovely Brooklyn Master Bedroom. Enjoy!

Would you like a custom design to meet your style and budget? Let’s start to decorate your space. With a few easy step on the Decorator in a Box website you will be on your way to decor bliss! Xo, Annie







Here is what was sent to them…






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