Design Dilemma :: How to Bring Light into a Dark Space


I love a good design dilemma! After we moved into our place a few months ago, I have been a busy bee decorating but have seemed to ignore one crucial space — the entryway! It is a smaller, dark space with not a lot of natural light. However the room next to it has tons of natural light so now I’m starting to brainstorm ways to solve my design dilemma of bringing the light into this low-lit, boring space that has tons of potential. Here are some ideas:


Reflective Art :: This framed reflective art could hang on the wall opposite the bright room in my home, and bounce the light in. (source: Made By Girl)


Opaque Window Covering :: There is a window next to the door that is covered with a curtain in my entryway, but something similar to these modern hanging opaque shades could let light in while still maintaining privacy. (source: Living Etc)


Shiny Accessories :: This light bulb sculpture by Camilla Fabri, could be a way to squeeze a little more light into my space. (source: CFA Bride Designs)


Other Light Sources :: Unfortunately both the natural and the artificial light in my entryway are lacking. This DIY Glass Orb Cluster Light by John Giacomazzi a creative way to bring a good amount of light in. (source: Remodelista)

Do you have a design dilemma?

In the world of interior design the possibilities are endless, sometimes we need a little help or inspiration to get us on the road to a beautiful room.  Go ahead and take that step by contacting Annie at Decorator in a Box!




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