Design Quick Tip :: Don’t Disregard Hobby Lobby

I have a chair upholstery project that I’m attempting. I was given a few chairs in really bad fabrics, so I figure it couldn’t hurt to try. I swung into Hobby Lobby to peek at upholstery supplies and boy was I surprised at some of their goodies. I guess I had under estimated Hobby Lobby as an overly shabby chic store full of cheesy distressed wood signs saying things like “Kiss the Cook” or “Momma Knows Best”…you know the ones. Instead they had some cool things if you can see past the cheese factor of other items. I’m a fan and probably spent way too much time in this store. Here is what I found.


Way chic Mid-Century modern acrylic chair $80.


Industrial step stool $60. I see this looking awesome as a bedside table accessorized with a plant, books and candle.


Burlap upholstery tape. This is what I need for the French de-constructed chair project I’m about to attempt (stay tuned).

IMG_1400 (3)

Moroccan fabric in white and burlap…hello cool curtains!

IMG_1397 (1)

Reclaimed wood frames at 50% off…score!

IMG_1391 (1)

I also loved their industrial letters and some of their artwork. So, next time you have a weekend project you want to button up. Take a peek in Hobby Lobby. Just make sure you allow yourself time…it won’t be a quick visit.

Xo, Annie

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