Design Quick Tip :: Washi Tape Wall

Our kids grow too fast and there is no telling how long you will be in your home. Life is ever changing and so is your decor. That’s what I love about today’s design quick tip. I love wallpaper, but often times it just doesn’t make sense for down the road. Your child will be a teen before you know it and want their bedroom to reflect their personal style. This washi tape wall decal is stylish and temporary. This is not a good idea for a crib wall as it would become a choking hazard. So opt to use it as they did in a play space that is more monitored or when your child is two to three years old.  It’s a great way to get the wallpaper look. It’s also a great way to get a non cheesy looking decal look (you know what I mean). Find out how to get the look at the blog Mako Nagao. So go ahead and get taping!

Xo, Annie

DIY washi tape

All photos and idea via  Mako Nagao.

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