Designer Summer Paint Trends!

Are you sick of the same wall color you have had for the last ten years? Maybe this Summer it’s time for a color change. Here are the current designer paint trends.

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Xo, Annie

#1 Blush is the new neutral! A pale blush pink can make your walls oh so chic. Room image via lovely life.


#2 Classic Black! You have heard of the little black dress, but what about black walls? You will be seeing this trend in design magazines and blogs for a while. Room image via studio mcgee



#3 Tinted Gray. This is a new take on gray walls. The key is to select a gray that has a subtle and a light tint. Room image via my domaine


#4 Aqua Splash – Add this splash of color to your walls and you are sure to be feeling cheery in style. room image via my domaine


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