DIY :: Log Side Table

Yesterday morning there were landscapers outside our apartment, clearing the boulevard  of perfectly bloomed flowers… in no time my flip flops were on and I was out the door to grab a handful, leaving me with several lovely vases full of poppies and geraniums. Score! I’m always tempted to do the same thing when I see someone chopping down a tree and are left with stumps that can be repurposed into side tables. But I’m always leery of bringing creepy crawlers into the house, if the log were infected with termites or other critters. So I’ve included a link to Spoonful of Imagination where blogger Erica recommends soaking the log in a chlorine-water mix before the sealing coat. Check out her full tutorial for all the details. Next time you are tempted to rescue chopped down flowers or trees, I say go for it!

Happy DIYing!


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Luxry D3sign Tumblr

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Martha Stewart

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Spoonful of Imagination

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