DIY :: Ombre Dot Art 2 Ways


ombre art collage finished

I want to share with you my Ombre Dot project that’s inspired by the lake outside our window…. when the sun shines on it, it’s sparkly and mesmerizing!  The art is my interpretation of the lovely lake scene, bringing the outside in in an abstract way.  I started with this canvas bought from a thrift store for a fraction of the cost of a craft store. The seascape painting’s not even horrible, it just depends on what look you’re going for so I painted over it with only a tiny bit of hesitation.   Basically all you need is a color of your choice, white paint, a brush or two, tinfoil and a large hole punch. I wanted a certain shade of blue that matched my rug, so I matched it to a paint swatch and got a custom sample for cheap at a hardware store.

ombre pic collage

I got so into my art that I forgot to take pictures while I was painting which probably would have been helpful! What I did was paint each pure color on opposite ends and then gradually add more or less paint eventually getting to the middle with an even blend of blue and white. This method helped me to space the gradient out evenly.  When your painting is finished let it dry overnight.  Punch holes in the tin foil for multiple dots, and trace a bowl and cut out the circle for the look of one big dot. You can use adhesive like a glue stick or whatever glue works for you.

ombre art day


ombre art moon


What kind of surroundings inspire you?

Happy Handcrafting!


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