DIY :: Trunk-tastic

There was a time when I went nuts at a thrift store for old trunks… that’s right, I brought home five of them on one trip! We had hardly any storage in our old apartment and they were a perfect place to throw toys, stuffed animals, blankets, craft supplies … I even stood one up and used it as a nightstand at one point. Well they have proven to continue to be a good place for extra storage. I’ve duct taped, spray painted, washi taped, modge podged the life out of them (or into them) over and over again. Here are three examples in my house, the first one is washi tape and the following two are duct tape. If you have a need for extra storage, you might want to to consider giving new life to an old trunk.

Have you ever gone bonkers for one item at a thrift store? (I have on many occasions!)

photo (27)

diamond trunk

trunk v shape

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