DIY Tuesday :: Cute Valentines w/ Free Printables

I admit I did not do homemade Valentines this year. I really wanted to, but I think I will wait until Nora is a little older to help me decide what her friends would like. Plus help make them with me. This year we ¬†went with cute bags filled with a Valentine pencil, eraser and Disney princess fruit snacks. You can’t go wrong with Disney princess for a bunch of 3 year olds right?! Well next year I would love to be a “Pinterest Mom” and pick one of these adorable ideas. I love the Valentines that come with a free printable and have a simple small toy washi taped to it. Here are my favorites for your child’s class plus one for the sweet teachers that work so hard.

Xo, Annie


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A succulent is always a good idea for a teacher. They are low matinence and lovely. Have your child paint on the pot to show them extra love. via a night owl

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