DIY Tuesday :: Nora’s Peacock Headboard Before & After

Even before Nora was ready for a big girl bed I had my eye on peacock headboards. I have always been drawn to that bohemian anthropology-esque style. I had to have a vintage peacock headboard. The Land of Nod versions are adorable, but there is nothing like an original. Plus I found mine for less than half the price of the newly made retail versions. I spotted one on Craigslist and immediately got it. If your hunting in Southern California for one of these buy it when you see it, because they are going fast. I decided to paint it teal and it was easy to brush on the no VOC paint. I finished the bohemian look off with a Turkish pillow, field journal bedding and a Novagratz typography pillow. Nora loves her big girl bed. Now I’m thinking the wall needs some pink or black ┬áheart decals. What do you think?

Xo, Annie


headboard 1

headboard 22

Nora's Headboard22

ipone Dec blog pics 030

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