DIY Tuesday :: Swiss Style

Swiss cross details are a big trend right now. They are popping up on pillows, quilts, and you name it. The best look of course is an original vintage flag or blanket, but those items come with a big price tag. You can create a Swiss cross detail of your own. Here are four ways you can simply add a Swiss cross into your decor.

Xo, Annie


#1 Create a potatoe cross stamp to create your own fabric.  Turn it into a pillow or even curtains . See the tutorial and more photos via Hand Box


#2 Simply paint a cross on an old tool or tackle box. photo via Apartment Therapy


#3 Give a vintage chest or dresser a modern touch by painting a Swiss cross on the front of it. photo via Tattered Tiques


#4 Take a plain medicine cabinet and make modern with a silver or red cross painting on it. photo via SF Girl By Bay

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