Field Trip :: The OC Mix SOCO

I’m fairly new to Orange County and still finding my design “go to” places. Well….yesterday while in search of ¬†fabrics for a client I hit the designer jack pot. I always drive by The OC Mix/SOCO from the freeway. When I pass I think “I need to go there”. Mainly I thought it was a few key furniture and accessory stores. Much to my amazement it was that and so much more. The building is really a designers dream come true. The large outdoor mart is filled with all of the L.A. hot spot furniture stores. The ones I use to schlep down to Hollywood for. Then to make things even more exciting there is an array of unique restaurants and clothing boutiques. My favorite stores during my visit were Deco Home for fabrics. Honey & Milk for baby and preschool age clothing. HD Buttercup and Cisco Home for furniture and home accessories. The mall is filled with inspiration and beyond. So….next time your in Orange County take a journey off the 5. Your home, closet and belly will thank you.

Xo, Annie






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