Flip It Stage It : Ikea Shelf Turns Glam Wardrobe

In our last home there was a less than desirable amount of closet space. It worked when it was just the two of us, but when our daughter came along we desperately needed closet space. Purchasing the white BILLY bookcases with doors saved us. It gave us the extra storage we needed and prevented us from having to move. I always meant to glam the cabinets up with gold pulls or mirrors, but never got around to it. Looking at an article on Domino.com made me think shoulda coulda woulda. Jenny Komedea shows us a great way to turn an IKEA cabinet into a beautiful wardrobe and vanity. This is the perfect idea for people trying to sell or rent a home that lacks closets. This is a simple and affordable way to add value to your home and sell or rent it fast. See the full idea via Domino.com. How I love you Domino!

How do you get extra storage out of your small space?

Xo, Annie



all photos via domino.com

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