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One of the home dreams I have is to hang a collection of vintage portraits of women in a powder bath. I got this idea from the Nordstrom women’s lounge. Here is my Mom tip of the day…when you have a newborn you park at the nicest department store while visiting the mall. This way if you need to change a diaper or feed the baby you have a nice ladies room to use. I park at Nordstrom, because not only do they have a ladies room it is a full on women’s lounge with sofas and comfy chairs. I love their women’s lounge because they have a collection of vintage portraits of sophisticated women hanging on the walls…this is what gave me the idea for my dreamy powder bath. Vintage portraits can be very affordable art. Simply do an Etsy search with the keyword¬†vintage portraits and you will find a lot of options.¬† Just don’t pick any that will creep people out…haunted house decor is never a good look.

Do you have any portraits in your home?

Xo – Annie



photo via pia jane bijkerk


photo via atticmag


photo of pilar guzman’s brooklyn brownstone


photo via flickr

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