Friday Etsy Find! :: Affordable Botanicals


I am always in search of affordable art for my clients. Whether you are traditional, transitional or eclectic in style a collection of vintage botanicals can work. The best part is that they usually range in price from $10-$11 each. The next trick is finding affordable framing. A unique way to display these lovely botanical prints is on vintage clipboards. It looks best to hang them in pairs of three, four, six and so on.  Both the botanical and clipboards can be found on everyone’s beloved  Simply do an Etsy search with the  keywords Botanical Prints and Vintage Clipboard. You are on your way to creating a garden for your walls.

Do you like botanical prints? Would you hang a clipboard on your wall?

Xo – Annie



vintage botanical via etsy


via trouvais


via gypsypurplehome.tumblr

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