Friday Etsy Finds! :: Rue des Louves

It’s hard for me to imagine what I did before there was I guess I would drive around in my car to several vintage stores or flea markets being limited to what was in my area for clients. Not that I don’t still enjoy to shop local vintage shops and flea markets, but Etsy is at my fingertips. I always love finding a new Etsy shop, especially one full of vintage treasures and even better French vintage treasures. That is what pulled me into Rue des Louves Etsy shop. I think I pretty much love everything in this shop and could find a use for it in a design. It’s finding those vintage gems to place on a shelf that make a home look cozy and collected. Visit the shop today HERE and you will be in French flea heaven at an affordable price.

Xo – Annie

OB-friday finds

all images via Rue des Louves

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