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Hey all it’s Annie! I would like to introduce you to our new guest blogger Lacey. Lacey is a mother, decorator, artist, the queen of handcrafted, re-purposed and thrifty finds. I am honored to have her as a daily contributor to the Decorator in a Box blog. Check out Lacey’s steps to making your very own herringbone trunk…..I want one!


If you want to freshen up an old or thrifted piece of furniture for a look that is detailed and original, without spending a ton of time hand painting or stenciling, then read on!

I started with an old hand-me-down trunk (you can get them at a thrift store for under $10). Spray paint the edges of the trunk to brighten up the piece and let dry.

You will then create one 8X10 page with a pattern on it, I chose a herringbone design. Get the pattern page or template photocopied at your local copy center, and then adhere the copies to the trunk.  Below is a list of supplies you will need as well as a step by step guide.

– old trunk or piece of furniture
– adhesive (modge podge or Minwax Clear Polyurethane which you can find in the paint section)
– paint brush and/or roller brush for adhesive
– paint
– painters tape for pattern
– 1 piece of cardstock for the design
– scissors

Making the template:
1. Cut a bunch of painters tape the same length (3″ long).
2. Place tape on card stock in a herringbone pattern.

3. Paint over the tape using a brush or your fingers.

4. Peel off the tape carefully and let dry.

Finishing the trunk:
5. Now you have a custom template.  Make color photocopies of this template, enough to fill the space of the trunk. (Save the original template for future projects!)
6. Place adhesive on trunk, then place the photocopy on the adhesive, then another layer of adhesive or the paper. Leave open any edges or spray painted area you want to be shown (I left open the white edges and the corners).

Viola! You have a custom made piece that will add both function and creativity to any space!

Happy Handcrafting All! – Lacey

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