Holiday Art :: Winter Wonderland

This time of year I think of all the winter states I have lived in. Each place had its own wonderful and unique quality. When I lived in North Dakota I was very young and all I remember is the snow being so deep that you would loose your moon boots. This was devastating if the pair you lost were Rainbow Bright. Washington State had a mild winter with mountains…amazing! These conditions equal powder perfect skiing in a wind breaker and an easy drive to Big Sky Montana.  Minnesota makes me think of every neighborhood having a frozen lake to play ice hockey on and ice fishing in a warmed up custom built ice house.  Each state is my roots, family and old dear friends that you can never replace. A great way to bring back these holiday memories is with art that reflects it. Why not swap out your usual mantel art for more of a winter memory.

What is your favorite winter memory?

Xo – Annie


Elizabeth Huey’s Serenity Lodge via 20×200

 John Clynmer’s “Ice Hockey On Mountain Pond” Dec. 1958 via

Ski Big Sky via

Guylian Doyle’s Overhead Of Ice Fishing Huts via

Winter Photograph via Etsy Shop PureNaturePhotos

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