Holiday Decor :: Elegant no fuss Garland


There are so many cute trendy options out there for holiday garland, especially ones that you make yourself and tend to take more time and craftiness. However today I’m going to share with you a simple, no fuss garland that is perfect for an elegant and traditional look.  Elle Decor has come up with this beautiful arrangement that features  Boxwood Garland Trim and Key Lime Streamers and Ornaments.

For this look, simply nail small nails about 6 inches apart on the window trim and wrap the garland around. Find a complete list of instructions and materials for Boxwood Garland Trim here.


Using a crochet needle, string together key limes and attach to the corners of the window using an eye hook. Use fishing line to attach a large ornament from the center. Find a complete list of instructions and materials for the Key Lime Garland here.

Check out these and the other Holiday Go Lightly Decor at Elle Decor. They are fresh, simple, elegant and sure to give your home a warm traditional look this season.

Happy Holiday Decorating!




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