Holiday :: Re: Wrapping


I am so all about reusing and repurposing everyday materials. It is good for your wallet and good for the earth. This holiday season, why not be creative and repurpose what you have lying around your house into gift wrap? Start in the place where your grocery bags collect.  (I inevitably forget my  reusable totes and am always trying to think of creative ways to use the plastic ones!) But for the brown paper ones, I’ve got that down! Just cut them open and you have a large piece of natural colored wrapping paper that can easily be dressed up with a ribbon, a pretty handkerchief, or a thrifted piece of jewelry.  Alisa Burke ingeniously used bubble wrap and paint to create a large stamp. You could use this same method on a flat plain paper bag to create your own handcrafted paper.  Check out Alisa’s post for other innovative ways to make an empty paper towel roll into a stamp, the possibilities are endless!

Happy Re-Wrapping! -Lacey

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