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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and now’s the time to start thinking about fun thank-filled traditions. Here are a few ways you can add  activities and decor to your home, to be reminded of the important things in life this holiday season.


The Thankful Tree: from Emily Rose at

A bouquet of branches gives a fall feeling and the tiny notes on fun scrapbook paper are filled with things we are thankful for.


Give Thanks Gratitude Board: from Jelly Bean Junkyard

Similar to an advent calendar, this calendar allows for family members to share what they are thankful for at the dinner table, then write it down on the card to be placed behind the date. Each year you can add to it, as well as look back on past years to reflect on what each person was thankful for.


Thanksgiving Table Cloth:  Submitted by Kayla Chong to

This is a fun way to gather around the Thanksgiving Table with a remnant that can be brought out year after year: A table cloth on which thankful notes are written by each family member or guest.


Napkin Rings or Paper Chain: from

The fine folks at Siverbox Creative Studios have crated a beautiful “I am thankful for” graphic printable as a free gift to express their own thanks to their clients over the years (how nice!). The printable can be used as “napkins rings, tags for branches of trees, which would make a terrific conversation piece, or be as creative as you’d like”.  Thank YOU, Silverbox Creative!


The Giving Jar:  from Jaimie at

Incorporate pretty apothecary jar into your Thanksgiving and Christmas decor. Add a ton of holiday cheer by filling the jar with different ways that your family can give back to others during the holidays.  After all, it is better to give than receive and this tradition will surely be a way that your family can be reminded of that. The website link is complete with a printable of different activities for the jar.


Express it in Art: “Things I’m Thankful For” Illustration by Laura Berger on

What a better way to be reminded of the reasons you are thankful than to hang them up on your wall! Check out this and other cute, quirky and creative illustrations from Laura Berger at her Etsy store.


I hope this little list was helpful in thinking of ways to incorporate new traditions into your Thanksgiving. If you have any Traditions to add, I’d love to hear! 

Happy Thank-filled holidays!



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