How to Decorate with Dark Walls


At one time, I had a charcoal gray bedroom and it really set a cozy tone. Bedrooms are one room  you may think of when experimenting with dark walls, but Lonny Mag encourages us to step out of our comfort zone in dark color experimentation. This article gives several effects dark walls can have in any room in your home.


Integrate Dramatic Art :: Black is a perfect backdrop for bold art and a daring color palette. (source: Lonny Mag)


Soften the Look with Texture :: The plush couch and animal rug are a contrast to the otherwise bold, masculine look. (Source: Lonny Mag)


Liven up Wood Paneling :: The light art pops with the lines of the glossy paneling. I love the view of the black accents in the next room!  (Source: Lonny Mag)


Create High Contrast for Art and Hardware :: The brass and gold are a almost a shimmery light source on the glossy black. (Source: Lonny Mag)


Make Small Spaces feel Bigger :: Contrary to popular belief, black can “dissolve boundaries” and bring depth. (Source: Lonny Mag)

Do you have any dark walls in your home? How do they make you feel?


3 thoughts on “How to Decorate with Dark Walls

  1. I just moved into a home that has dark walls and wasn’t sure if I should lighten them up.This post really gives me some great ideas on how to work with the colors I already have. Thank you!

  2. I love dark walls and just painted my bedroom navy blue! This post really get’s me inspired I love all the mirrors! Cheers

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