In Detail :: Collections by Color

Do you have a blank shelf or wall and are stumped by how to fill it? Consider a monochromatic arrangement of frames, bottles, books, plates, or whatever collection you’re woking with, to bring a sense of uniformity and order to your room. Take advantage of what you have and organize your clutter by color and display it in jars like the colored pencils below. If you don’t have a collection in one color, you can spray paint anything whatever color you chose, as shown by the gold bottles.  If you are still stumped, contact Annie who is a vignette master and would love to help you out!

Happy Arranging! -Lacey

1. Ikea frames displaying colorful prints

2. a stack of white books

3. pencils by color via decor8 blog

4. sprayed gold bottles found here

5. blue vases via real simple

6. thrifted mint and green vases

7. pink feathers found here

8. a stack of red books via apartment therapy

9. grey plates via house beautiful

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