In Details :: A Well Dressed Bedside Table

I finally got around to making my bedside table pretty. The table was a desk from my childhood bedroom. Although it’s very cute… it didn’t have the sophistication I was looking for in a master bedroom. Until I put a slipcover on it and it instantly became a glam bedside table. All of this took place in an afternoon with my mother. She came over we went to the fabric store, stopped for nice lunch and headed home to sew. By 10 p.m. we had a lovely skirted bedside table. All and all it was a fun girl project day. I finished the look off ┬áby accessorizing with my favorite things. I’m so happy that my table is no longer a bummer when I rise and shine.

Here is how it came out….

unnamed (1)I accessorized with an old lamp I painted gold and updated the shade with ribbon trim. A framed photo from my wedding reception. I used a Tiffany votive that I received from a dear friend as a vase and filled with flowers from my backyard. The necklaces are gifts from people I love. The books are from my two favorite travel destination Greece and Italy.

unnamed (2)

┬áThis is a recent 20×200 print I got from my husband. I purchased an IKEA frame and the mat was a little too big, so I took the remaining white fabric from the table slipcover and used it as a backing behind the photograph.

unnamed (3)

I can rest much easeier knowing such pretty details are next to me. Now if I could teach my two year old not to touch any of it…wishful thinking.

Xo, Annie

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