In the Details :: Grandpa’s Love Letter Art $1.50

My Aunt gave me a very special gift yeas ago. It’s a small book of love letters from my Grandfather to my Grandmother. He started the letters by saying “Hello Darling”. My Aunt creatively used his “Hello Darling” handwriting as the book cover and title. My Grandpa passed away before I knew him, so it’s little things like his handwriting that are captivating to me. They give me a glimpse of what kinds of guy he was. I decided to enlarge “Hello Darling” at FedEx and frame it. I was very excited with how it turned out. The detail that made a big difference was printing it on an antiqued color and textured paper. You can find this at places like Paper Source or your local craft store. This paper made it look like he had just written it. I also had FedEx scan the signature into photo shop and center it to the size I needed…which saved me a lot of trial and error printing on my own at the machine. Do you have a letter, signature or something you could enlarge as artwork in your home? Well it is an affordable way to create PRICELESS art for your walls. Here is how “Hello Darling” turned out…

Xo, Annie

This is the book I took the “Hello Darling” from…


Here is how the framed version turned out. I love it!

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)


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