In The Details :: Holiday Centerpiece D.I.Y $22

It’s official…the holidays are here! We all kicked things off this weekend by feasting with family and friends. My favorite part of Thanksgiving weekend is decorating the Christmas tree. Nothing get’s me in the spirit like sitting by the lit tree that first night. Now if I could only keep my two year old from ripping the ornaments off the tree.

After the tree was decorated my dining table was looking a very bare. I created a quick, easy and affordable centerpiece. I love how it turned out and just have to share it with you all.

The Supplies

1. Five white with red stripe dish towels via IKEA 79 cents each. (may need more depending on the length of your table).

2. Holiday scented pine cones via Michael’s $3 a bag.

3. Three small poinsettia plants via Trader Joe’s or your local grocery store $4 each.

4. Three low small vases via The Dollar Store $1 each.

Total – $22

Step 1 – The Runner

I spotted these dish towels while at IKEA for something else (isn’t that always what happens at IKEA?). I loved the simple pattern and that I could use them even after Christmas. Luckily I was with my very sewing savvy mother who had the great idea to sew them all together to make a runner. So…we did just that..I mean she did…gosh I need to learn to sew.  I love how it turned out. Thanks Mom!

unnamed (1)

Step 2 – The Centerpiece

This was the easiest and most instantly visually rewarding part. Simply place poinsettia’s in the low glass vases. Finish the table off by sprinkling the holiday scented pine cones between the vases. Viola!  It’s beginning to look like Christmas on your table!

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Xo, Annie

2 thoughts on “In The Details :: Holiday Centerpiece D.I.Y $22

  1. I thought that was a great idea! Very nicely done and keeps me under budget.
    I’m thinking about a place in my website titled “Annie’s Ideas Corner” for our refresh of our 2014 website. is that OK with you? Thanks for the Holiday kickoff!

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