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Winter can be tough for some. I think Winter is what you make it. You really have to own and embrace it. The Danish are big on Hygge translation coziness. The Norwegians call it Koselig. These aren’t just words to the Nordic culture they are a way of life. These words define an atmosphere. It’s an experience you had in someones home. Here is an example. You just went ice skating on the frozen lake under the string lights (think Norman Rockwell). Then you are welcomed into your friends home to sit by the fire and sip on some hot tea or cocoa. I’m thinking some Bob Dylan Girl from the North Country” plays in the background. This is “hyggeling” or “koselig”. So…are you wondering how to get this in your home this winter? Here are seven ways.

#1 Start with something to warm your tummy and send aroma throughout the house. How about a nice bowl of wild rice soup. recipe here


#2 Cozy sox and blanket are a must. The chunkier the better for both.


#3 Lot’s of layers on your bed. Oh and their is something about it being kind of messy and wrinkled that adds more cozy in my opinion. This is all Ikea!

cozy bedroom 4

#4 Get a great book and something warm to sip.


#5 A fire and lots of candlelight is a must. via seeking the south


#6 You must have a cozy oversized sweater to live in and wear out. via shopstyle


#7 ¬†Wherever possible find a place to create a cozy nook. Lot’s of pillows are the key. photo via the inspired room


Well I hope this helps you to embrace the winter storms ahead. Happy hyggeling!

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Xo, Annie

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