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So…I moved to California. I just emptied the last box this morning…wahoo! I have been moving our existing art around from wall to wall trying to make it work. Which most of it does…that’s the great thing about art. My mother gave me five pieces that belonged to my grandmother as a house warming gift. Bless her heart that is oh so special to me. Even after all of that my walls are still looking bare. I’m not handling it well and feel like I will go crazy if I don’t fill the walls immediately. I guess that’s the hard thing about being a designer your want your home to instantly be decorated…there is a pressure I feel to do so. I think it’s because I overdose on looking at beautifully art collaged walls on Pinterest too much. This is why today I am feeling artsy and plan to make my own artwork. I received my daily email from One Kings Lane and stopped by to do a little browsing. I found myself inspired by some of their prints for sale. Even at their reasonable prices art adds up when you need a lot of it. In order to keep my budget down and my walls pretty I’m going to do my best to replicate some works. Here are the ones I think I can somewhat replicate. I will be sure to show you how my knock offs turn out.

What do you think of these? Have you ever tried to replicate a painting?

Xo,  Annie




all via one kings lane


via vede house


via furbish studio

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