Interiors :: Your Home, Staged and Ready to Sell

If you are a Realtor or selling your own home, you know the importance of staging a home to make a great first impression. Often times an interested buyer is just not able to look beyond or even see the potential in an average room. The next step is to call in a decorator, but this can be pricey. At Decorator in a Box, Annie works within your budget to make the best possible room within your means. Hiring a professional decorator does not have to break the bank and great design can be achieved through ingenuity and creative thinking, working with what you have.  Contact Annie if you want to get your home staged, ready and one step closer to sell. She really can help you out!

Happy Home Selling! -Lacey


 photo source: MSNBC Media


4 thoughts on “Interiors :: Your Home, Staged and Ready to Sell

  1. I have always wanted to do this when we have had a house on the market. I also need help making my things work in a new home. I need Decorator in a Box :)

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