Kiddo Party :: 6 Random Birthday Ideas


It’s my adorable nieces birthday tomorrow and this means we need to celebrate. I think sticking with a birthday theme is fun, but I think random can be more fun. Here are my tips for just a fun no theme birthday bash!

1. Ice Cream Balloons – Scatter balloon clusters of  ice cream cone balloons around the party. See the how to steps at Itty Bitty Ideas Blog.

idea and image via itty bitty ideas blog

2. Backyard Artist – Purchase a canvas per kiddo. You can find affordable canvases at Micheal’s or JoAnne (usually on sale). Set out paints and let the future Picasso’s begin. Each child can take home their art as a party favor.

 Idea and image via JanJHome

3. Food Break – The little artists have worked up an appetite. Set out mini foods like grill cheese, hot dogs, floats, milk and cookies to make meal time fun.

image via my wedding reception ideas blog

4. Play Time – After the meal break the kids will be ready to play again. Set out clothes for the kids to play dress up. You can also set up a puppet show area and encourage them to put on a puppet show/play. I love this doorway puppet show available at  

photo via

doorway puppet show availble at  CoolSpacesForKids

5. Eat Dirt and Worm Treat – What’s sillier than eating dirt….eating dirt that tastes delicious. Make this yummy flower pot dessert with ice cream, gummy worms and Oreo cookies. See the Pioneer Woman recipe HERE. 

recipe and photos via the pioneer woman

6. Back Yard Camp Out  – Create and cozy enchanted camp out. Set up a tent with lanterns, pillows, flashlights. Stories spooky or not are required.

photo via  dotcomformoms

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