Kiddo’s :: 4 Step Spooky Fun Halloween Party

Are you having the neighborhood trick or treaters over this year? Here are some fun and easy ways to make a fun and spooky bash for your kids.

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Step 1: Create a fun snack table with orange and yellow balloon jack o’lanterns click HERE for a how to (get the kids involved). Set out cider, donuts and candy bags. Finish off the festive table with black and orange napkins and plates.

Step 2: Create a haunted room by draping white sheets over the furniture and lighting candles. Be sure to keep candles up and out of the way of little costumes.

Step 3: Drape shredded cheese cloth from ceiling and windows. Add fake spiders for an even spookier effect.

Step 4: Play scary sound effects on your home speakers….wind, laughs, squeaks, pipe organ the usual.

With these 4 steps you are sure to have a fun Halloween bash. Happy Halloween! Xo – Annie


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