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If you are a mom, you know how fast your kiddos art pile stacks up! My daughter is only 2 and she already has a collection of scribbles that I cannot part with. Here are some fun ways to display your favorites. Not only does it make your little one feel special to have their art on the wall, but it brings a personality to home that is one of a kind and totally your own.


Option 1 :: Hang the art from good old fashioned clip boards in neat order on the wall. This photo found at decor8 blog.


Option 2 :: Incorporate the art in a gallery wall along with family photos.


Option 3 :: Paint frames directly on the wall to post the art inside. This photo found at babble.


Option 4 :: DIY thrifted frames painted; with burlap and a clip added.  Photo and instructions found at Lolly Jane.


Option 5 :: Jan Eleni Interiors takes your child’s collection and makes them smaller to fit them in this unique collage. Beautiful!


These are all wonderful options for displaying a few favorites, but to archive your child’s collection throughout the years, go to Artkive. Take a snapshot of the artwork and store it by the child’s age, in the most organized and uncluttered way.

What do you do to display or store your kiddos art masterpieces?

Happy display making!



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